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The Experts Pool consists of independent experts plucked from international energy organisations, scientific bodies and the energy industry. Once the nomination process is closed, the Experts Pool makes recommendations, in the form of a preliminary expert assessment of the nominees and their scientific achievements, to the International Award Committee, which then makes the final selection of the laureates.

For the initial and professional evaluation of work nominated for the Prize, a professional review of nominations is held.

The Partnership, after announcing the start of the competition and the arrival of nomination forms (for the Prize), carries out its own expert review in accordance with the present Statute governing the Prize.

The Partnership forms a pool of independent international experts attracting for this purpose authoritative international organisations, international energy sector associations, international consultancy agencies and others which submit their recommendations on specific individuals to the Partnership on a reimbursable basis or free of charge. Based on the recommendations given in the Clause 2.5.3 of The Prize Statute, the President of the Partnership approves the composition of the expert pool.

Information on the experts is to remain confidential. Results of the experts’ work shall not be made public; the Partnership holds the examination reports and forwards copies to the Members of the International Committee.

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