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Presented to 31 laureates from 10 countries

Presented to 31 laureates from 10 countries
The Global Energy Prize was founded in October 2002. The idea was created by leading Russian scientists and endorsed by the President of Russian Federation. The project was supported financially by top-level Russian energy companies. President Putin announced the establishment of The Global Energy Prize in November, 2002, in Brussels at The Russia –EU Summit.


Since the first awards ceremony in 2003, the award has been presented to 31 laureates from 10 countries.

“The Global Energy Prize is one of the most prestigious international awards”

President Vladimir Putin, 2012

The first Global Energy Prize awards ceremony took place in June 2003 at the Konstantinovsky Palace, Strelna (St Petersburg district, Russia) and was attended by President Vladimir Putin. The award was presented to two international scientists: Mr Nick Holonyak (USA), Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Physics at the University of Illinois, for his contribution to the development of power silicon electronics and the invention of the first semi-conducting light-emitting diodes, and to Mr Ian Douglas Smith (USA), Chief Manager and Senior Researcher in ‘Titan Pulse Sciences Division’, for his fundamental research and development in the field of powerful pulse energy. The Prize was also awarded to a Russian scientist, Mr Gennady Mesyats, then-Chairman of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation, for his fundamental research and development in the field of powerful pulse energy.

The Global Energy Prize has grown to become a respected global energy award:

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Global Energy Prize 2012: “Since its inception, the Global Energy Prize has been one of the most prestigious international awards, rallying around shared goals the creative community of talented scientists, researchers and experts in the field of energy from Russia and many other countries. Each year the award’s credibility grows, and the presentation ceremony is famous for its unique atmosphere of creativity, openness and scientific solidarity.”

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Global Energy Prize 2008: “I am delighted, on behalf of Canadians, to offer Clement Bowman my warmest congratulations on [his] selection as recipient of the International Global Energy Prize 2008 for [his] efforts in the development of highly efficient energy technologies … thus contributing to the energy saving problem of humanity.”

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Global Energy Prize 2013: “This award to Dr. Yoshino brings us an opportunity to further strengthen cooperation and exchange between Japan and Russia in the area of energy, as well as in science and technology. Furthermore, I hope that the Global Energy Prize will play an important role in dealing with global energy issues. I hope that the research by the award winners will further develop and contribute to human happiness."

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