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In the 15 years since its foundation, the Global Energy Prize has been awarded to 35 scientists and researchers around the world who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in their field. The laureates come from nine different countries, including Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the USA.

Robert Aymar (FR)

Robert Aymar was born in 1936 in France.

Since 1959 he carried out fundamental researches in the sphere of controlled thermonuclear fusion. Since 1977 he was a Head of the “Top Supra” project in Cadarache, France, where studied plasma for many years. Since 1990 he took the post of a Chief of the Science Department within the French Agency for Nuclear Energy. Since 1994 he was the Head of the ITER project.

Since 2004 up to 2008 he was Director General of the famous CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research).

In 2006 Robert Aymar became a Laureate of The Global Energy Prize for development of scientific and engineering foundation for building of the international thermonuclear reactor.

Scientific activities

  • Was engaged in fundamental research in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion.
  • Was engaged in research of plasma.
  • Developed scientific and technical foundations for creation of an international thermonuclear reactor.

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