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In the 14 years since its foundation, the Global Energy Prize has been awarded to 34 scientists and researchers around the world who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in their field. The laureates come from nine different countries, including Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the USA.

Eduard Volkov (RUS)

Eduard Volkov was born on July 18, 1938 in the settlement Novo-Chaykino of Donetsk region.

In 1961 he graduated from Moscow Energy Institute with the specialization in thermal engineering.

In 1981 he was appointed as a Head of the Institute Department «Boiler plants and energy technologies», MEI. Five years after he took the post of the Director of G.M. Krzhizhanovsky Power Engineering Institute. At the same time he was still a Head of Moscow Energy Institute Department. Since 2006 he became the Academician of RAS on Power industry, Machine building, Mechanics and Control processes.

Eduard Volkov is a Vice-president of the International Moscow Energy House and Chairman of Committee on renewable energy of the World Energy Council, and also a Member of Management of European Energy Club. In 2008 Eduard Petrovich Volkov became a Laureate of Global Energy International Prize for creation and implementation of synthetic oil production technologies to fulfill the part of world demand for energy resources.


  • Gas Exhaust Pipes of Thermal Power Stations and Atomic Power Stations. 1987;
  • Hydrodynamics and Kinetics of Coal and Oil Shale Pyrolysis. 1994;
  • Modeling of Solid Fuel Burning. 1994.

Scientific activities

  • Researched new oil shale pyrolysis processes (Monograph «Hydrodynamics and Kinetics of Coal and Oil Shale Pyrolysis»).
  • Made analysis of samples of the world largest deposits of oil shale.
  • Created laboratories and test installations for processing of oil shale by pyrolysis method using hard heat carriers.
  • Built an experimental installation processing five hundred tons of oil shale per day.
  • Supervised the construction of the world largest plant for industrial processing of one million tons of shale per year.

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