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In the 14 years since its foundation, the Global Energy Prize has been awarded to 34 scientists and researchers around the world who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in their field. The laureates come from nine different countries, including Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the USA.


Alexey Kontorovich was born on January 28, 1934 in Kharkov, Ukraine.

In 1956 he graduated from Tomsk State University.

In 1969 he received the degree of Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences and in 1971 attained a Professor. Since 1956 and during a year he was employed as an Assistant in Tomsk State University. From 1958 to 1989 he was working as an Engineer, Senior Research Officer, Head of the Laboratory, Head of the Department in Siberian Research Institute of Geology, Geophysics and Mineral Resources (SNIIGG&MS) at the Ministry of Geology of the USSR. Since 1987 and during two years Alexey Kontorovich has been a Deputy General Director of Scientific-Production Centre «SibGeo» and Deputy Director of Science of SNIIGG&MS. Since 1989 he was working as the Deputy Director of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the United Institute of Geology, Geophysics & Mineralogy, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Science (OIGGM SO RAN), Deputy General Director (OIGGM SO RAN). In 1991 he was the Member of the Academy of Science of the USSR. In 1997 he became a Research Manager of the Institute of Geology, Oil and Gas of OIGGM SO RAN.

Alexey Kontorovich is developing a theory of oil and gas generation, new methods of quantitative assessment of the structure of energy resources, and assesses the potential of major oil and gas basins of Eurasia. He is one of the leading developers of the «Siberian Economic Development Strategy», «Russia’s Energy Strategy to 2020».
Alexey Kontorovich is an Honored Geologist of the RSFSR and Laureate of the RF State Prize, Cavalier of the Order of the Labor Red Banner. In 2009 he was awarded with the Global Energy International Energy Prize for his researches on the implementation of new methods of surveying, prospecting and exploiting of hydrocarbon-bearing deposits.

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