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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The Global Energy Prize Scandinavian Regional committee established in Iceland

On June 5 the Ministry of Innovations of the Republic of Iceland hosted the meeting of the “Global Energy” Non-profit Partnership president Igor Lobovskiy with the member of Icelandic Parliament Arni Sigurdsson, professor August Valfelsson, doctor Gudfin Bjarnadottir, professor from Denmark Yorgen Kjems and the Global Energy Prize laureates professor Thorsteinn Ingi Sigfusson (Iceland) and doctor Lars Gunnar Larsson (Sweden).

The meeting participants decided to join the Regional Scandinavian committee – the first public committee in support of the Global Energy Prize. Other GEP Regional committees are planned to establish in the US, Germany, Australia and Russia. Iceland managed to get ahead of all the others.

Lately the issue of forming the Global Energy Prize Regional committees across the world has occupied the first place in the agenda of the laureates’ meetings and the sessions of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee. These public organizations are designed to raise the public awareness of the project in the world and improve the quality and quantity of the applications. As expected, the committees’ work will result in the opportunity to nominate the most brilliant scientists in energy field for the Global Energy Prize.

The president of The Global Energy Non-Profit Partnership Igor Lobovskiy says: “We have to do a lot  to find new laureates who are actively involved into the newest trends of energy science, who have made some real breakthroughs during the recent years. The issue of forming national committees has been discussed for a long time, the goals and objectives of the committees were formulated, the working title of these organizations has been created, now they`re called The Global Energy Prize National (Regional) Support Committee”.

Thee Global Energy Prize is an independent award for outstanding scientific research and technological development in the field of energy that improves efficiency and ecological security of energy sources on for the benefit of all humankind. Earth. Since 2003, the Global Energy Prize has been awarded to 31  scientists from 10 countries, including the UK, Germany, Iceland, Canada, Russia, the US, Sweden, Ukraine, France and Japan. The recipients of the prize are selected by the International Award Committee consisting of 25 authoritative scientists from 10 countries. The pool of eligible nominees includes 2700 scientists from 60 countries.
The award was established in Russia with the support of leading Russian energy corporations Gazprom, Surgutneftegas and the Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System.

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