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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

An unbiased investigation of corruption in China has won the international competition "Energy of Words"

An article about corruption schemes of the oil business in China has won an international media competition "Energy of Words". For the first time in a long history of the contest a reporter from an authoritative Chinese media group Caixin Media was recognized as the best. The author of this investigation is a special correspondent Kaixi Huang. The competition is held by “Global Energy” Non-profit Partnership.

As a recall, the international media competition “Energy of Words” was established in 2004. It recognizes mass media and journalists covering the most pivotal global energy issues and trends. The participants are from all around the world. More than 30 countries have already submitted hundreds of publications in different languages. This time the nominations for the “Energy of Words” came from 4 continents: starting from China, Nepal, Pakistan, Kenya and Nigeria to Kazakhstan, Armenia, Germany and the USA. All the nominated materials were published in mass media from the 1st of July 2013 till the 20th of June 2014. The winner was chosen by the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee, consisting of 25 renowned scientists from 13 countries of the world.

“- The aim of the “Energy of Words” is to show the global energy trends and problems in the mirror of mass media. Each journalist has own view on the decisions made in the energy sector. But due to this plethora of opinions we are able to get an objective picture. Last years the winners of the contest were from Bloomberg, The Guardian and The Economist. For the first time in history we have the laureate form China”, - explains the Partnership’s President Igor Lobovsky. -  “Caixin Media is a very authoritative media of its region. It covers news of policy, economy, law, international markets, and etc.”

The article of Kaixi Huang was chosen for the rigorous level of research, analytical insight and high standards of writing. It is an unbiased analysis of the oil business in China. Kaixi’s easy explanations of the tender scheme between the China National Petroleum Corporation and private business providing drilling for the oil giant are really amazing. One can’t but admire her deep insight about the role of government in this cooperation. This knowledge of material is not accidental: she had been researching the energy-related topics for more than 2 years already and holds the position of Energy and Resources Reporter at Century Magazine and official website (Caixin Media Company Ltd.).  Her materials are devoted to nuclear and renewable energy, big oil companies, cooperation of business and political structures, to price setting and taxation on energy resources, etc.

She is really happy for the victory in the contest. “– It’s a great honor to win the “Energy of Words” since so many interesting energy-related articles were published in 2014. I have been researching my topic for more than 2 month and I am grateful for such a high evaluation by the Global Energy Prize Award Committee. I hope this victory will drive even more attention to the question I was covering”.

Kaixi Huang will be awarded in June 2015 during the International Economic Forum in Saint Petersburg.

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