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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The “Global Energy” foresight-session: energy forecast up to 2050

Tomorrow, on April 21, the Global Energy Prize laureates and Global Energy International Award Committee members will predict global energy development up to 2050 through the foresight.  

This innovative method of brainstorm is held for the first time. Its aim is to outline new energy trends and to choose the most pivotal technological breakthroughs. It is based on unique method of expert evaluations and provides sound long-term forecast.

The “Global Energy” foresight-session will be held by the most brilliant minds of energy society: the Global Energy Prize laureates and the GEP International Award Committee. It comprises 25 scientists from 13 countries of the world.

The main subject to be discussed is the global power mix up to 2050. Experts are expected to find out possible challenges on the way to achieve ideal sustainable global energy balance and to underline those difficulties that the humankind faces nowadays.

“- Our foresight-session is oriented on defining energy trends and picking up the most desirable among them,” – says the Global Energy Partnership’s President Igor Lobovsky. – “I think we will picture out professional energy dream. Foresight is important because it shows development of science and technology, allows defining actual technological breakthroughs. Foresight helps to find out pitfalls and choose desirable strategy of development. Achievements of the GEP laureates help the humankind to save energy now and in the future. Best of the best are awarded with the Prize. Final decision on who is going to be the 2015 laureates depends on the GEP International Award Committee. So their foresight on the eve of choosing the award-winning candidates of this year is really on time.”

As a reminder, the 2015 GEP laureates will be announces on 23rd of April during the TASS press-conference. The outcomes of foresight-session will be spoken out during the event as well.

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