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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The GEP laureates visit OSJC “Power machines”

Today, on June 17th, the GEP laureates - Professor of University of California in Santa Barbara, the 2014 Nobel Prize laureate in Physics  Shuji Nakamura and Distinguished Professor of North Carolina University Jayant Baliga -  met with the leaders and specialists of construction bureau of the OSJC “Power machines”.

Their visit to the plant was held within the GEP laureate’s week which ends up with the solemn GEP Award Ceremony. St. Petersburg’s administrations, RAS representatives, the GEP team, LETI members and technical and engineering staff of the “Power machines” also participated in the event.

After the GEP laureate’s presentations Igor Grekhov, RAS Academician and the chairman of the solid state electronics branch of Institute named after Ioffe also addressed the audience. By the way, it was Mr. Grekhov who nominated Jayant Baliga for the Global Energy Prize.

Greeting the audience, the director general of OSJC “Power machines” Roman Filippov has noticed: “– Peculiarity of energy and electrical engineering is in that the prospects of its development are based on science. And science has never been regional, it is international and is build up on the international cooperation and creative exchange. Our meeting today is the best evidence of it.”

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