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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Innovations in the energy field were discussed in Saint Petersburg

Two days prior to the GEP Award Ceremony the 2015 Global Energy Prize laureates –Jayant Baliga and Shuji Nakamura – spoke with the journalists of St. Petersburg for the first time. Within the press-conference on innovations in energy-efficiency and energy-saving in Russia they have presented their revolutionary technologies that had changed modern energy field and resulted in incredible social and economic effect. The laureates also shared their view on the development of Russian and global energy innovations. Young generation of scientists was represented by the winners of All-Russian contest the “Energy of Youth”.

Professor Jayant Baliga – the author of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor – has told about the role of his technology in the field of energy control and distribution. “-IGBT is an embedded technology hidden from the eyes of society but it is widespread globally. It is used in different sectors of economy: consumer, industrial production, transportation, medicine and even for the wind and solar energy generation” – declared Mr. Baliga. – “I would also like to thank the GEP International Award Committee for my recognition. I am sure the Global Energy Prize will shine a spotlight on IGBT and will attract attention of public to its energy-efficiency and energy-saving impact.”

Professor Shuji Nakamura, the 2014 Nobel Prize winner, has also shared his innovation with the participants of the press-conference. He has created a blue-light emitting diode and commercialized it. It brought white energy-efficient lightning to the world and resulted in revolution in the world of gadgets and technologies. “- I faced a challenging but very interesting situation.” – the scientist declared – “-  I managed to grow multi-layer heterostructures based on gallium nitride with indium additives which added vivid blue color. Until 1990s, LED manufacturers were only able to produce red, yellow, and green diodes. However only blue LEDs created new approaches in obtaining pure white color.” As for now, Mr. Nakamura’s inventions are used by all companies involved with manufacture of semiconductors, mobile phones, digital camera recorders, TV and DVD appliances, airplane and car systems, street lighting systems and much more.

The winners of 2013 “Energy of Youth” All-Russian contest were participating in the press-conference as well. They have presented the results of their grant-winning projects. Each of them has a great practical application and opens new opportunities in the energy field. Thus, Pavel Strizhak is working on the causes of accidents and fires on thermal power plants. He has noticed that their often happen due to lack of efficiency of PPC’s areas for coal drying and preparation. Thus he is working on energy-efficient and safe fine particles coal fuels ignition. “- I managed to develop experimental facilities and methods for research of low- and high-temperature fine particles coals ignition. There are no such analogues in the world,”- he has shared during the press-conference. He has noticed the influence of different factors – temperature, oxidizer concentration, energy flow and others – on the process of burning delay. The scientist has created special program that allows forecasting non-restricted burning and this avoiding it. It is especially pivotal for PPC technology specialists. Pavel’s project may be used for experimental and construction works with the possibility of using it in production. It can also drastically reduce energy consumption in the coal fuels ignition and in future broaden the source base for the production of liquid composite fuel.

Vyacheslav Kulagin’s research is aimed at foreshowing the global energy trends and creation of own research base for Russian specialists. The scenarios of energy development that the scientist has demonstrated were already used while designing the Russian Energy Strategy up to 2035 and Energy Strategy Concept up to 2050. He has managed to depict dependence of energy source demand on economic, demographic, technological factors as well as on consumer’s preferences and price situations.  Within the current global situation this project has become really crucial. “- We had detailed consultations with the Russian government this year about future oil prices changing. We had come to a conclusion that regardless of the situation the return to $100 price for this energy source is inevitable.” – declared Vyacheslav Kulagin. – “- It is especially important no to guess what will happen next but to give sound recommendations to our government about possible risks and about ways to avoid them. It can be done in particular basing on the global experience”, - outlined the young scientist. Vyacheslav Kulagin is the author of main document in modern energy. It was created through exceptional grant of “Global Energy”, Non-profit partnership. It is fully independent.

The “Energy of Youth” winner Vasily Pavlichenko has suggested a new, practically waste-free way of biofuel production. He has used gene modern gene engineering for this aim. They allowed creating a modified type of poplar. “- During the project I managed to achieve a 30% increase in the wood speeding tempo for our laboratory template,” – the scientist has announced. This project has a great economic potential for Russia and especially for Siberia and the Far East since these regions are rich in poplars. 

Summarizing the results of the press-conference, the “Global Energy”, Non-profit Partnership’s President Igor Lobovsky has reminded that the application period for the “Energy of Youth” starts on the 1 of September.

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