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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The “Global Energy” press-conference: Energy-efficiency and energy-saving innovations in Russia

The 2015 Global Energy Prize laureates – Shuji Nakamura and Jayant Baliga – will be speaking before journalists of St. Petersburg for the first time two days prior to the GEP Award Ceremony. Russian young scientists – the winners of the “Energy of Youth” All-Russian contest – will be performing as well.

The Global Energy Prize Award ceremony presented by the President of Russia is one of the central events traditionally happening at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The 2015 laureate’s awarding – professor of California University Shuji Nakamura and professor of North Carolina University Jayant Baliga – will be held on June, 19th. The scientists were acknowledged by the Global Energy Prize for breakthroughs that have changed the modern energy field and moreover have incredible economic effect. Professor Shuji Nakamura has invented a blue diode which resulted in energy-efficient white LED lighting technology. He was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in physics in 2014. Professor Jayant Baliga who had received the National Medal for Technology and Innovation from the US President (which is the highest recognition for an engineer) is the author of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor. It is one of the most important innovations for the energy management and distribution. For example, it forms the base for well-known Smart Grids.

The press-conference with the 2015 GEP laureates on “Innovations in energy-efficiency and energy-saving in Russia” will be held in TASS press centre (37, Spalernaya Street) at 12:00 on June, 17th. The “Global Energy”, Non-profit Partnership’s President Igor Lobovsky will moderate it.

Young scientists, winners of the 2013 “Energy of Youth” program will also take part in it. They will share with journalists results of their research and achievements gained within their projects.

This, Pavel Strizhak is working on the causes of accidents and fires on thermal power plants. He has noticed that their often happen due to lack of efficiency in the process of coal burning. He is engaged in creation of unique separate technological operations of energy devices. They will let technical specialists forecast characteristics of physical and chemical processes arising while coal fuels burn. Vyacheslav Kulagin’s research is aimed at foreshowing the global energy trends and creation of own research base for Russian specialists. The scenarios of energy development that the scientist has demonstrated were already used while designing the Russian Energy Strategy up to 2035 and Energy Strategy Concept up to 2050. Vasily Pavlichenko in his turn has suggested a new almost waste-free way of biofuel production. For this aim he has used modern gene engineering. They allowed creating a modified type of poplar. The tree with “better characteristics” – speedy growing – will become, according to the scientist, an ideal renewable raw material. It is absolutely pivotal for the Far East and Siberia.

The press-conference’s program includes the Q&A session. During the event the participants will share their view on the development of energy in Russia and globally. They will also provide audience with additional information about their research.

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