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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Students` view on the Russian energy:“The Energy of Start” participants suggested the strategy of the FEC development up to 2035

Participants of “The Energy of Start” All-Russian contest offered their strategy of Russia`s fuel and energy complex development up to 2035. Students of our country addressed exactly this global challenge within the Case-solving Championship.

As a recall, “The Energy of Start” is the All-Russian contest of energy projects among the teenagers. It is being held by the “Global Energy”, Non-profit partnership in cooperation with the “Reliable Change” charitable foundation. Its goal is to spark pupils` interest in the energy field and to motivate the most promising high school students to choose it for future profession. “The Energy of Start” is being carried out in two formats: Case-solving Championship (for the junior high school students of 7-9 grades) and Engineering solutions Competition (for the students of 11 grade).

Almost 250 pupils from 11 regions of Russia (from Moscow to Transbaikal) participated in the Case-solving Championship. They gave decisions on the specially designed case “The Strategy of development of fuel and energy complex of Russia” in groups of 60 teams. According to the task, they were to develop Russia`s energy strategy for the period up to 2035, taking into account existing generating capacity and long-term power and energy balances based on the volume of explored energy reserves and time of their depletion.

Participants` decisions were evaluated by the experts ─ representatives of Russian energy companies, teachers and industry universities experts: OJSC “SO UES”, OJSC “Concern Rosenergyatom”, PJSC “Severstal”, CJSC “AtomStroEksport,  The Ural Federal University, The Samara State Technical University, The Ivanovo State Power University, The Tomsk Polytechnic University, The Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University others.

The Championship`s winner became the “Battery” team from the Chelyabinsk Lyceum №77: team members are Semen Mankov, Fedor Shalupov and Alexander Aristov. They proposed to increase substantially the proportion of electricity produced via renewable energy sources (wind, solar and geothermal).

The “Energizers” team from the Polevskoe School №13 of the Sverdlovsk region got the 2nd place. Team members are Anastasia Nizhnikova, Alexander Grigoriev, Kirill Khudoyarov and Anna Nikolaeva. They proposed the way to use tidal energy of the Okhotsk Sea.

The 3rd place went to the “Energizers” team of the Samara “Technical” Lyceum: Angelina Dementieva, Ildar Camaldinov, Ivan Palagin and Ilya Borchaninov. They offered to change the structure of the Russian fuel and energy complex by increasing the share of solar energy.

The Championship`s winners will receive valuable prizes and will participate in a unique educational excursion program in St. Petersburg in 2016.

“- The special value of the project is in its practical results for the participants and for the Russian electric power industry as a whole”, - declares the “Global Energy”, Non-profit partnership`s President Igor Lobovsky.“The best participants of “The Energy of Start” will be included in the training program for admission into higher education institutions and will be engaged into prospective candidates pool of Russian energy companies.”

Note that the 2nd category of participants of “The Energy of Start” are still competing. Within the Engineering solutions Competition, they are developing technical devices on the following theme: “The use of renewables in my city”. The results of this contest will be announced on May,1 2016.

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