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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The 2016 Global Energy Prize Laureate Is Announced in Moscow

Today one of this year`s most important events the energy field has happened: The Global Energy Prize 2016 laureate was announced during the official press conference in Moscow. This year prestigious award recognizes RAS academician Valentin Parmon – for a breakthrough development of new catalysts in the area of petroleum refining and the renewable sources of energy as a principal contribution into the energy of the future. The laureate will be awarded by the President of Russia with a golden medal and a serious endowment sum - RUB 39 million.

For the first time, the press conference was attended by The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs president Alexander Shokhin. This year he joined The Global Energy Non-profit Partnership`s Board of Trustees as a chairman. “The importance of The Global Energy Prize for the innovative development of energy field can hardly be overestimated. There’s no similar award on the planet and I`m proud that it was created in Russia”, said Mr. Shokhin.

The 2016 laureate was chosen on April, 26 during the GEP International Award Committee meeting but this information remained a secret until the last minute.  .The Committee is chaired by a world-renowned scientist from the UK – the Nobel Prize winner Rodney John Allam. He announced the names of the nominees short-listed for The Global Energy Prize. In 2016, the list includes 10 scientists from 5 countries: Paul Alivisatos (US), Sergey Alekseenko (Russia), George Chilingar (US), Gilbert Froman (US), Kemal Hanjalic (Netherlands), Antonio Luque (Spain), Ivan Nesterov (Russia), Valentin Parmon (Russia), Ivan Sherbakov (Russia), Eicke Veber (Germany).

“We`ve reviewed 140 nominations from 27 countries.  Europe is the most active nominations provider with 62% of the applications we got this year; North America holds the 2nd place with 18%.” - noted Allam.  The GEP International Award Committee can choose up to 3 laureates each year. But in 2016 there`s only one - a Siberian scientist Valentin Parmon who turned Russian city of Novosibirsk into one of the country`s centers of innovative energy technologies.
Director of the Institute of Catalysis of the Siberian Branch of RAS is the author of many breakthrough inventions, which brought a significant commercial effect.

In 2003-2006 new generation catalysts for production of motor fuels, in particular, diesel, complying with the Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards, were designed and industrially introduced under his supervision. Within these 3 years the scientist received RUB 500 million from the state for the project research, and introduction of new catalysts at the enterprises gave additional products – super-gasoline – for almost RUB 10 billion, i.e. 17 times more than was invested. Now about 10% of the whole super-gasoline of Russia is produced using the technologies of the institute headed by V. Parmon.

He develops methods of fuel production from plant raw materials: wood substance, rice hulls (annually more than 15,000 tones of it is produced in the Krasnodar Territory only and 7-8 million tones is produced in the Southeast Asian countries).
Valentin Parmon has also mastered a technology of transforming solar energy into chemical one.   A number of solar catalytic reactors were designed and tested under his supervision. Their efficiency of solar energy conversion in to chemical fuel reaches 43% at 2 kW of available capacity (this indicator has not been surpassed yet). One of the first of these catalyst systems was created in Crimea.

The laureate found out about his victory during the press conference via phone call made by The Global Energy Prize Board of Trustees Chairman Alexander Shokhin.

“Thank you for this great honor. This is truly unexpected to me – to be recognized as one of the world renowned scientists – laureates of The Global Energy Prize. I think GEP is a top-level award and I cannot believe I`m the one to get it. Will be happy to come to St. Petersburg for the award ceremony”,-  said Parmon

Head of Perspective Development Department of OJSC “Surgutneftegaz” Jury Vershinnikov has announced the 2016 endowment sum, which is RUB 39 million.

PJSC “FGC UES” deputy chairman Pavel Korsunov noted that “It’s very important for a big company to collaborate with Russian and international research organizations and expert communities It helps to form a strategic development vision and to implement only the best solutions. Thanks to this approach, we have increased the share of Russian equipment up to 75% “. The FGC UES representative also suggested including the most prominent experts of the CIGRE International Council on large electric systems into The Global Energy Prize`s nominating pool.

The Global Energy Prize Award Ceremony will be held on June, 17 at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The Prize will be awarded to Dr. Parmon by The President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

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