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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

USA plans to replicate the Global Energy Prize laureate`s technology

USA plans to replicate the technology of the Global Energy Prize laureate Boris Katorgin – his liquid-propellant rocket engines, RD-180, that are considered globally the best. They aim to do that within the next 6 years. Before the advent of country’s own engines, Washington will use the Russian products and therefore will buy 18 more engines from Russia for that purpose. Deputy Head of Pentagon Robert Work has recently declared this intention.

Note that the US military forces and experts have long advocated for the removal of dependence of the American missile launches from the Russian jet-motors, however, they still fail to create their own analogue of Katorgin`s propellant rocket engines. According to the scientist, “this is a very long technological process. Not only engine itself should be created, but the ground base for its trial. It won`t definitely happen over the next six to seven years.”

Recall that Academician Boris Katorgin was awarded the Global Energy Prize in 2012 for series of research and developments in high-efficiency liquid propellant rocket engines with cryogen fuels to enable reliable functioning of aerospace system with increased power parameters for peaceful use of Outer Space. He developed burning units and gas generators for LPREs and generally oversaw the creation of the motors for the peaceful use of Outer Space. 

His RD-180 – is a rare example of Russia`s high-tech sales abroad in a bulk. The engine was developed in 1995 in order to participate in the tender organized by the Lockheed Martin Corporation, which was choosing a motor for the “Atlas” missile carrier that was going through modernization those days. As a result, the NGO “Energomash” (where Boris Katorgin was the CEO and the chief designer) has signed a contract to supply 101 engines, 67 of which have been successfully delivered to the United States already.

The developer perceives the news about the purchase of an additional portion of 18 engines with a joy: “I am overwhelmed with the sense of pride for our science and for our technologies that are highly appreciated in the West. The situation is advantageous for the both sides: we got the money for the engines and therefore support the domestic economy while the Americans didn`t lose the launches market. These are great news for us, just on the eve of Astronautics Day!”

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