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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The “Global Energy” passes the “Energy of Education” to best universities of Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia

Today the “Global Energy”, Non-profit Partnership’s President Igor Lobovsky has presented the “Energy of Education” Award to the best High Educational Institutions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia for the organization of qualifying stages of «Case-In» International Engineering Championship.

This Championship is a unique practice-oriented industry education project for students. It is based on one of the most effective educational technologies - a method of cases - and takes place in the form of conferences on sites of leading technical universities of Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Each year the project is becoming more representative. 3252 students from 39 universities have participated in it in 2016. Also, the number of areas (leagues) in which the championship is being held, increased to five: power industry, mining, geological exploration, oil and gas engineering and metallurgy.

The Non-Profit Partnership “The Youth Forum of Mining Leaders” initiated the championship. In cooperation with it, the “Global Energy”, Non-profit Partnership which is engaged in activities related to the support of young scientists and formation of intellectual potential for the future energy field, has established the “Energy of Education” Award. It acknowledges universities for the best organization of the qualifying stage of the championship on its site. In 2016, they were awarded for the fourth time.

Presenting the winners with their awards, the “Global Energy”, Non-profit Partnership’s President Igor Lobovsky noted: “This year we would like to point out 15 universities out of 39, 5 of which will get the unique award. Special contribution of the university in the organization and conduct of the championship as well as special support of participants are the main criteria for the victory. Involvement of the university`s leadership in carrying out of qualifying stages, location, number of teams, championship`s promotion, formation of a commission of experts, etc. were taken into consideration”.

The “Energy of Education” Award acknowledges the following institution for the best organization and carrying out of the qualifying stages of the «Case-in» International Engineering championship:
The Tyumen Industrial University became the best organizer in the oil and gas engineering league. The Novosibirsk State Technical University was recognized the first in power industry league. Northeastern State University (from Magadan)  was awarded in geological exploration league. The winner in the mining league was the Ural State Mining University. The first place in the metallurgy league went to the Siberian State Industrial University.

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