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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Traditional energy needs non-conventional scientific breakthroughs

Technological breakthroughs are in the spotlight of global energy community. On June, 16 world`s leading energy experts including The Global Energy Prize and Nobel Prize laureates discussed innovative projects and energy forecasts at “Global XXI Century Energy Trends” press conference which was held under the framework of SPIEF 2016.

International journalists met with Nobel Prize Laureate and The Global Energy Prize International Award Committee Chairman Rodney John Allam (UK), MD at Asia Renewables and The Global Energy Prize International Award Committee member William Il Byun (Singapore), the research advisor at the Institute of Catalysis under the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, The Global Energy Prize 2016 laureate Valentin Parmon (RU)  and President of  Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, The GEP Board Of Trustees Chairman Alexander Shokhin.

Rodney John Allam pointed that the mix in energy sources is shifting to lower carbon fuels but still 90 % of energy production and consumption are covered by oil and gas. “The worldwide statistics show that energy consumption from traditional sources is reducing. In the past year the use of "green" energy has increased by 1%. But, unfortunately, renewables develop not as fast as we would like - oil and gas continue to the main fuel in all countries of the world. Renewables only represent 2.8% of global energy production. And during the economic crisis, this won`t change,” - said Mr. Allam.  “Today it is necessary to develop breakthrough technologies for efficient use and extraction of traditional energy sources. The shale revolution has unlocked vast new reserves of hydrocarbons which can be exploited world-wide. And this has triggered the emergence of new technologies" – adds the scientist. Similar opinion is shared by Alexander Shokhin, who also believes that today the international community should consider not only radically new approaches, but also strive to develop onnovative technologies in traditional energy.

“We`re used to oil which is easy to extract but there`s not that much of it left There is a fast-growing need for the development of complex oil-fields and the use of associated petroleum gas. These trends require new scientific breakthroughs. In our institute we study and offer solutions for both traditional and renewable energy sources. And, if necessary, we`re ready to develop our technologies for making them ready for industrial use”, - says The Global Energy Prize Laureate Valentin Parmon. He is the author of many breakthrough inventions, which have already brought a significant commercial effect. New generation catalysts for production of motor fuels, in particular, diesel, complying with the Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards, were designed and industrially introduced under his supervision. He also develops methods of fuel production from plant raw materials.

William Il Byun thinks that energy distribution is no less important than new technologies development. Improvement of functionality and stability of power grids is one of the key energy trends in Asia at the moment. "In this regard, Russia's experience is extremely valuable," - said Mr. Byun.

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