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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Three millions for innovation in energy: the application period for the “Energy of Youth” is about to open

On September, 1 the “Global Energy”, Non-Profit Partnership announces the beginning of application period for participation in the XIII All-Russian contest of Youth scientific projects “The Energy of Youth”. Young Russian scientists under 35 years of age from all regions of country are eligible for the grant. The due date for application is October, 15. Each winner will receive a grant of RUB 1 mln. for the continuation of research. The total prize fund – RUB 3 mln.

According to the President of “Global Energy”, Non-profit Partnership Igor Lobovsky, “Working with young energy specialists, popularization of energy science and encouraging young scientists to research activities in the sector is one of the priorities for us. We strive to not only inspire innovation, but give a “free pass” into scientific life. The “Energy of Youth” is exactly tailored for the aim. The grant is provided for the continuation of research and helps promising young scientists to test their technologies and subsequently bring them to production”. 

Note that in the 12 years of its existence, the “Energy of Youth” has covered 51 regions of Russia, acknowledging the achievements of 191 young scientists. The total amount of grants allocated is RUB 35.5 mln.

Despite the fact that the program is tailored for the Russians, its being recognized internationally: in 2016 the “Energy of Youth” has been granted with a prestigious international prize in mass media communications IPRA Golden World Awards for the development of professional communications and search of best industry specialists. In Russia as well the program has received the highest level of recognition: in 2015 its XII cycle`s winners were rewarded by the members of the Partnership`s Board of Trustees, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich and Minister of Energy Alexander Novak. The award ceremony was held within the main industry event on energy-efficiency and energy saving, XIV forum ENES.

Such recognition is not a surprise: young researchers` projects cover all areas of energy, solve its actual problems and have a great practical meaning. For example,  the “Energy of Youth” winner  Dmitry Solntsev is working on a crucial matter – confirmation of operability of a new type generation reactor which is to provide power for the world's first floating nuclear power plant. It is now being constructed at the Baltic Plant in Saint Petersburg and it is unique. Its capacity is 70 megawatts. Thanks to it residents from remote areas of Pevek (Chukotka) and Vilyuchinsk (Kamchatka) who has no centralized power supply will be provided with an uninterrupted supply of electricity and heat and fresh water to 100 000 m3 /day for 40 years (this is the NPP`s operation period). The “heart” of this floating plant – is the reactor facility KLT 40S, and the task of the young scientist is to create a data base and to prove the reliability of the thermal performance of the reactor core.

Another young scientist, Igor Anufriev has been granted for exploring a steam-enhanced regime of liquid hydrocarbons combustion with no soot in the combustion products. This method may become revolutionary for the modern heat-power engineering as it allows a widespread usage of cheap, low-quality fuels (waste lubricating oils, lubricant fluids, oil processing waste) huge amounts of which are not used due to lack of efficient combustion technology. The effective combustion of fuel and environmental safety are vital in the process of their disposal. The scientist offers a solution - the original burner device with the power capacity of 10-50kW. It was patented in 2014. According to Igor Anoufriev, the method is quite simple: superheated steam jet is supplied it the combustion zone. This significantly intensifies the temperature of a fuel burning – up to 1500 C – which is 300 C above its combustion temperature on the air. The combustion products contain practically no soot.

To participate in the XIII All-Russian contest of Youth scientific projects “The Energy of Youth”, young scientists should apply at the Global Energy Prize website, within the framework of OUR PROGRAMS/ENERGY OF YOUTH /ru/our-projects/energy-of-youth

The contest is unanimous:  independent international experts consider the work without knowing the names and places of work or study of participants. After this evaluation, the Partnership announces the names of 3 winners at the Global Energy Prize website /  on the beginning of November 2015.

The application period: September, 1 till October, 15.

All questions regarding the participation can be forwarded to [email protected]

Additional information:
Natalia Naumova, PR manager for the Global Energy Prize
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