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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Michael Graetzel got the RUSNANOPRIZE 2017

Laureate of the Global Energy Prize - 2017, Michael Graetzel got the international award in the field of nanotechnology RUSNANOPRIZE 2017 for developments in the field of nanomaterials and surface modification. The International Award Committee RUSNANOPRIZE 2017 awarded the prize to the scientist within the framework of the Open Innovations Forum. The award was also rewarded to Exeger, which is engaged in the commercialization of the developments of Professor Graetzel.

Professor Graetzel is known as the inventor of dye-sensitized solar cells (the so-called Graetzel cells), which already today have found wide application in the field of portable electronics and industrial design of buildings, and at the dawn of nanotechnology development were one of the symbols of their promotion in our country . He is a pioneer in the field of electron transport and energy transfer studies in nanosystems and nano interfaces and their use in energy conversion devices, particularly in photovoltaic cells and photoelectrochemical devices for splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen. In addition, he worked at the origins of the creation of lithium-ion batteries and was the first who develop a method of using nanomaterials for electrochemical energy.

Recall that Dr. Michael Graetzel is the holder of 10 honorary doctorates in Universities of Asia and Europe: Denmark, Holland, China, Sweden, Singapore and other countries. He is the laureate of tens of prestigious scientific and engineering prizes, such as Grand Prix “Millennium Technology”, Medal of Faraday granted by British Royal Society, Gutenberg Prize, Albert Einstein Prize and others.

The scientist is the author of more than 1300 publications, two monographs; he holds more than 50 patents. He is one of the three globally most cited chemistry academicians.

It should be noted that the RUSNANOPRIZE is awarded annually for the best nanotechnological developments introduced into mass production in one of four directions: "Nanomaterials and Surface Modification", "Medicine, Pharmacology and Biotechnology", "Optics and Electronics", "Energy Efficiency and" Green " technologies". A group of scientists (no more than three people) and a company that commercialized their development can get the award. The laureates are chosen by the International Committee, which includes scientists and business representatives who have achieved outstanding results in the field in which the award is presented this year. In 2017, the prize is awarded for work for developments in the field of nanomaterials and surface modification.

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